10 Things Beginner Runners Should Know

Beginner runners often have a lot of questions in mind, to dos and not to dos included. Do you know that stretching is not really necessary before running? Well, I didn’t!

Let’s face it when you’re starting out as a runner you’re forcefed a never ending buffet of horse shit by people who are mostly interested in your money or breaking your spirit.

Here are 10 things I wish I’d known before I started out.

  1. Stretching isn’t necessary – One of the things I dreaded about starting a running regime was stretching. You see I have all the agility of a lamp post. I tried stretching once by pulling my leg behind my arse and I nearly pulled a muscle AND collapsed at the same time. A perfect recipe for a prolapsed rectum if you ask me. Stretching isn’t a necessary warm up. Running itself is a warm up. If stretching doesn’t seem to work for you but you enjoy it as a pre-run ritual, may I suggest flailing your balls to magnetic north, praying to Larry David and/or drying your ass crack with your Aunt’s blowdryer before your run?
  2. The no pain, no gain ethic is bullshit – You can gain a hell of a lot by just running at a slow pace. It can be relaxing. It can alleviate stress. If you’re constantly running out of your comfort zone and it’s making you miserable, then either slow down, suck it up or stop running.


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