5 Running Tips for the Non-Runner (From a Non-Runner)

Tips from a non-runner

If you enjoy reading random running tips, then this article is for you. There are some nice reminders here.

It wasn’t until I was preparing for an indoor rowing competition that I came face to face with my thoughts and feelings about running. Ironically, I had gotten into rowing because I originally hated it and thought I should get over that. Little did I know rowing would also prove to be the vehicle for a running-related breakthrough.

And, I like the first tip. If you can’t tell from my previous posts, I really hate music when running…outside. The few times I have been on a treadmill, I put on some headphones to drown my misery from running inside.

I know I’m going to lose a bunch of you right off the bat with this one, but please don’t listen to music while you run.

The article is at Breakingmuscle.com.

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