80 Year Old Otto Mond To Finish Another Marathon

I often hear that the secret to a long life is to live an active and healthy lifestyle. No wonder, many athletes can reach an old age.  The question on how old can  a person continue running intrigues me.  This article tells me that nobody gets too old to run.

EVERY morning, Otto Mond, 80, gets out of bed and runs a mini-marathon at home.

With a soft barefoot trot, he does exactly 500 steps, divided into five little circular routes of 100 steps each, in all five boroughs of his Upper West Side apartment: around the coffee table, then the dining room table, then up and down the hallway, and so on.

“Running a marathon is all in the head, it’s all mental,” said Mr. Mond, who also puts in real roadwork, logging up to a dozen miles a day on the pathway along the Hudson River.

Mr. Mond has entered and completed 18 New York City marathons, as well as a few dozen marathons — he’s lost count — in other places around the country over the past 30 years.

He plans to finish another one next Sunday, as one of the 36 entrants age 80 or older in this year’s ING New York City Marathon.


Read the full article at The New York Times. 

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