Armstrong to be Removed from NYC and Boston Results

I don’t know how to start this but I know everyone was really disappointed with  Lance Armstrong’s doping scandal. The issue has gotten really serious this week.  Sponsors are backing out. Nike  gave up on him. He was stripped off his seven Tour de France titles and on top of that, it’s highly possible that he will be removed from NYC and Boston results!


Armstrong ran the New York City Marathon in 2006 and 2007. A spokesperson for race organizer New York Road Runners provided this statement to Runner’s World Newswire:

We anticipate that his results will come out of our records, but will wait for the appeals process to be completed before officially acting. We will stick to the rules and support USADA. Cycling said that Lance doesn’t have a place in cycling, and, unfortunately, he will not have a place in running.

His cancer foundation, Livestrong, will continue to be part of the marathon, and we will always remember  the support and encouragement Lance gave to Grete Waitz through her courageous five-year fight against this hideous illness.


Read the full article at Runner’s World. 

 Photo copyright by Flickr user David Ortez. 


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