Can Runners Indulge Drinking After a Race?

I know some people who love grabbing a bottle or two of beers to relax but if you are training for a race, it’s a big no-no! The same rule applies after the race. So, that means you can’t have a celebratory night out without the guilt after you read this article.

Many races offer runners a celebratory beer after the run, but although completing a distance event is well worth celebrating, Higdon says alcohol isn’t the ideal prize for athletes. ”It compounds the dehydration,” he says. “[Races] offer the drinks because the runners like it and [the race] can get sponsorship money. It’s not as bad as having a cigarette company sponsor a race, but it might be the next worst thing.”

If you’re craving the taste of a refreshing beer post-race — or while you’re training — Higdon advises runners to consider a non-alcoholic brew. A 2011 study from the Technical University of Munich found that among men training for the Munich Marathon, those who drank non-alcoholic beer reported fewer illnesses and less inflammation than men who drank a placebo, suggesting that downing the occasional nonalcoholic beer could ease marathon recovery. Why? That’s not clear, but the authors speculated that the beverage might offer some healing powers because of its antioxidant compounds called polyphenols, which naturally prevent cell damage and boost immunity.

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