Culley Shifts Track: From Racing to Marathon

A sudden shift of path would be really surprising. Many fans were surprised to know that Julie Culley, the 2011 USA 5K champion would be changing tracks, from running in racing tracks to joining marathons as she’s about to set her feet in the marathon track for the first time by November 4.

Gags and I started talking about it last fall, prior to the [New York City] marathon, as something we would do this year. I called Chris Layne [her agent] back in October and said, “Hey, if I’m thinking about doing the marathon last fall, when do you think I should talk to New York Road Runners about it, ’cause I’d really like to get on the lead truck so I can have an idea of what the course looks like and all that?.” He was like, “Oh man, we should call them now.” So I did the Dash to the Finish 5K [in New York, the day before the marathon] and then hung out for the weekend and ended up sitting on the lead truck with Molly [Huddle] and Sally Kipyego. Molly had been on there the last few years to watch Kim [Smith].

Doing the NYC Half earlier this year was part of it; let’s get an idea of what the half marathon is like and how I respond to that, and kind of get that bug going. So it’s been on the radar for awhile. I think people’s #1 question is going to be, “Oh, you come back from the Olympics and you think ‘let’s just do a marathon, that sounds like a great idea.’” But it actually has been put out there for a little while now.


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Photo copyright by Flickr user Tracktownphoto.

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