Do sneakers cause plantar fasciitis(heel pain)?

This may shock every runner, marathoner and athlete: with great sneakers comes great pain. But that pops up a question: do all popular sneakers design  with comfort and injury prevention? I am pointing you to this interesting column in which the writer is trying to establish that “Running shoes can be a real pain” let’s see whether you agree with him or not.

I’m convinced that the biggest benefactor when it comes to running isn’t your heart but the sneaker industry. And just to make sure and drive the point home this ailment came along that’s taken me more than three months to learn how to pronounce.

Plantar fasciitis was completely unknown to me. It isn’t anymore since that pain in my heel has a way of grabbing my attention. An inordinate number of people I’ve come into contact with say they’ve experienced it. Interesting enough, they all seem to know how to pronounce it.

Most are runners, just as I now profess to be. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that running can be tough on your feet, especially if you lack the proper support in your running shoe. Running funny doesn’t help either.

Read the full post at the Green Bay Press Gazette

Photo copyright by Flickr user Joe Strupek

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