Dublin Marathon Worried Over Lack of Title Sponsor

Dublin Marathon received a lot of applicants which proves that the event is still hugely popular. Despite its popularity, the organizers are still facing another publicity  issue which made me doubt if the event  is  still popular – the marathon is at risk of having no title sponsor!

The hugely popular event was hit financially when the the National Lottery ended its sponsorship of the race in May.

Finding a replacement for this season’s event was always going to be a long shot, given the time scale, but now race director Jim Aughney (right) has revealed that restoring a title sponsor for 2013 is also proving difficult.

“You’d be nervous,” he admitted, ahead of the 33rd running of the race.

“We’ve gone through many (sponsorship) presentations and had lots of people saying how much they’d like to get involved and where they would like to take the event.

“But when it comes down to it, the bottom line seems to be economics and we still haven’t secured sponsorship for next year.

“We always knew this year would be a problem as we lost the Lottery so late and it was an Olympic year, with so many sports budgets already committed elsewhere,” he said. “But, hopefully, things will turn around soon.”

Only once before — in 1992 — was this marquee event held without a title sponsor.

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Photo copyright by Flickr user Dragozov. 


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