Earth Runners : Conductive Minimalist Footwear

Are you a minimalist runner?  You should give Earth Runners  sandals a try! Earth Runners  sandals are designed to absorb more subtle electrical energies from the Earth.  Let’s see if you’ll get that “electrifying” sensation wearing this sandals.

The self-molding sandals give you that satisfying “ground feel”, while offering both protection and comfort in an exceptionally functional sandal. Earth Runners come in two unique models – the Quantum and the Ultralight; both are designed to accommodate wearers comfortably in a wide range of urban and outdoor environments. They’ve tested the sandals across hundreds of miles of terrain over the past year and now are excited to share them with the world! 

They’re passionate about promoting a more grounded way of living that’s available when we tap into and connect with the vast resource of abundant electrical energy of the Earth itself. They pledge that for every ten sandals sold, they will donate a pair toSeva Sandals  – an organization dedicated to providing sandals at no cost to children in India.


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