Essential gears for trail running

Planning to go on a trail running adventure? Wait…. there is nothing for you to plan except your safety. Ultrarunning champion Scott Jurek has a guide for¬†essential gear for staying safe on the trails, assuming Big Foot does not come after you.

Navigation: Unless I know the area like the back of my hand, I carry a topographic map of the area. A compass, altimeter and/or GPS watch can also be indispensible if you are lost in new territory.

Sun Protection: Use sunscreen on areas that receive direct sunlight (tops of ears, nose, shoulders, etc.) or wear a shirt, hat or visor to block direct rays.  Sunglasses are helpful for blocking sun and wind, and aid visibility in blowing rain, snow and dust.

Insulation: Packing a lightweight long-sleeve T-shirt (preferably wool) or an ultralight down vest can prevent hypothermia if you have to hunker down due to injury or fatigue. Consider packing lightweight nylon or waterproof pants on long, remote runs.

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Photo copyright by Flickr user Karah Levely

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