Excessive Running and Amenorrhea

Women runners out there, be warned!  - Run moderately.

I had secondary amenorrhea for five years before starting birth control to correct the problem. Am I running too much? Is this routine going to cause more harm than good to my heart and the rest of my body?

Eat like a man, you say?

 Energy balance reflects the amount of calorie taken in during the day and the amount of calorie burned in activities of daily living, keeping the body functions operating, and exercise. So an athlete might be in an energy deficit from not eating enough food or from exercising too much for the amount of food eaten. The bottom line is that even with a normal weight for height, as you have, you can still be energy deficient. The solution to the problem is to either eat more, exercise less, or some combination.Anne Loucks has devoted much of her career to this issue and simply states that to stay in energy balance and exercise hard, a woman should “eat like a man.”

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 Photo copyright by Flickr user Kim Keegan. 

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