Five Tips for Runners on a Travel

Can traveling and running go together?  Going to new places is surely exciting! But this should not be an excuse to slack off and take an entire rest from running.  If you are a traveler-runner, you should be guided by these tips to make sure you enjoyed your precious holiday  without ditching running.

One of the biggest challenges of traveling is finding ways to work in your workout. In Thailand, this required me to go joggling on unknown streets at 11:30 pm. In Utah, I had to joggle at 2 am up dark mountain roads just to ensure that I would have time to run. But this schedule juggling isn’t the only thing to consider when traveling. Here are my best tips for making your joggling or running easier while traveling.

1. You don’t need a new set of running clothes for each day. While at home I rarely wear the same running shirt or shorts two days in a row, but on the road, I do. You just need to hang your sweaty clothes somewhere that allows them to dry, then suit up again the next day. This gives you more room in your suitcase for other things (like more juggling equipment).


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Photo copyright by Flickr user Vox Efx.

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