Flexible training routine boosts running potential

We know that flexibility in every aspect of life is necessary to keep going and so is a running routine. Just like everyday routines make us feel fatigued in the same way, no change in your training routine is not good for your capability to run and prevent to injuries. Variety is the spice of life and all that jazz, eh. To get more proof on this read the story of Rob Levey a runner who experiences it all personally, then go out and run a 10K backwards.

    What was really neat was that I made it a point to turn down roads upon which I had never previously run, which I think helped me enjoy myself that much more. I guess my point is that I think it was very beneficial for me to alter my training routine. Certainly, it can be appealing to simply veer toward the ocean during the summer, but there is something to be said for running through neighborhoods in which you would normally never have a reason to frequent. Frankly, one of my favorite places to run is in industrial “parks” down roads like “Technology Drive” or “Industry Way,” especially on the weekends when no one is around.

I suppose the point behind this week’s column is to give thanks for my recent injury, which forced me to reassess how and why I was training. While I certainly did love running before, I think I was obsessed with whatever my goals were for that week — one tempo run, one speed workout, one long run, etc. I think what I forgot about — or perhaps was never even consciously aware of — was that running is really an integral component to how I think and exist. It is the actual experience of running and the thought processes that accompany it that I truly love the most.

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