Funny Post on a Non-Track Fans Guide to the Olympic Trials

This post by House of Run is hilarious, for anyone who is a fan of track and field. We all know you have a party scheduled at your house for the next 10 days of the Olympic Trials. So, print this out and you’re good to go as a die-hard fair weather fan.

Once every four years, you join serious track fans like myself in enjoying the spectacle of the Olympic Trials and the Olympics.  Track die-hards appreciate the influx of attention that the sport receives, but we also like how instantly the sport becomes palatable for the general public.  In Olympic years the confusing racing schedules, the infrequent appearances by star athletes and strange obsessions with times give way to a very simple formula.

They go on to say…

To help those who are just now tuning in, I created the Non Track Fan’s Guide to the Olympic Trials.  It is 2012, and with greater access to information comes higher expectations for even the most casual of viewers.  Regardless of whether you are watching the meet with knowledgeable track fans, or neophytes such as yourself you need to be equipped with some basic knowledge and handy one-liners that can improve your reputation as a well-rounded sports fan.

And, one of my favorites…

Before:  ”So many talented guys in this field, you would hate to see it come down to a kick.”

During:  ”Why are they leaving it to a kick?”

After:  ”_______(race winner) kicked last, and he kicked best.”

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Photo copyright by Flickr user Robert Voors

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