Garmin Replaces “Out Of Warranty” Heart Rate Monitor

Second only to shoes, the GPS running watch is perhaps the most valuable piece of equipment a runner has. Read to see how one company made a runner’s day.

Allison has one, and explained to us how wonderful Garmin was recently when something went wrong with a mere accessory to her GPS.

Allison writes:
I’ve become so reliant on my “Garmy”, I’ve been known to stand around for 5 minutes before a run with my arm extended skyward, waiting for a satellite to lock on.

In June of this year, my HRM started giving wonky readings. My resting heart rate is under 70 bpm, but when I was cranking full steam up a hill, the HRM said my heart rate was 75. I figured the battery was dying and replaced it…and then my HRM stopped talking to my Garmin. I performed 2 types of resets on the watch to no avail; it still wouldn’t register my HRM.

On a whim, I e-mailed Garmin asking if there were any other trouble-shooting methods I could try, noting that I’d only owned the watch for 13 months.

Within a couple of days, Garmin Customer Service responded, asking for my address so they could send me a replacement HRM under warranty, even though I was just out of warranty! Less than 2 weeks later, I had a brand spanking new (and brand new model) replacement HRM!


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