Get the Most Out of Your Trip – Do Running Sightseeing

Have you ever regret going back from a business trip – simply because you didn’t have the chance to do sightseeing? How about having to deal with many meetings  so you have to skip your exercise? Or are you a traveler on a shoestring budget so you skip some of the tourist destinations in the area? Here’s running sightseeing for you! Aside from getting exercise while on a trip, running sightseeing is also a budget savvy mode to explore the city, a totally win-win situation!

I believe most runners can say yes to some, if not all of the questions above. Personally I can and this was the reason I founded Running Copenhagen ( This is a group that provides running sightseeing tours in Copenhagen. Our concept is simple – a local guide leads runners through Copenhagen and past the city’s many sights while sharing historical facts, anecdotes and personal recommendations. It’s a great way to discover a beautiful city with a local Copenhagener, while getting your daily exercise.

The above are the obvious benefits of joining a running tour when you are on holiday. But apparently that’s not all. Much to our surprise, we have heard from our female runners that the main benefit of our running tour is that they can order dessert in the evening without feeling bad. For the men, it’s usually an extra beer!

In addition to running, holidays and business trips are an opportunity to get your core and flexibility exercises done. When you are in the hotel room, there are fewer distractions than being at home and most of the time you can’t understand the TV channels anyway. So use the time (even if it’s very little) to do crunches, planks, etc. If you are feeling too exhausted to do anything strenuous or are jetlagged, then simply focus on stretching and let yourself relax into each stretch.


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Photo copyright by Flickr user Alex E. Proimos.

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