High Schooler Raced Half Barefoot on Ice, Finished 2nd

What would you do if you are in the middle of a race, then suddenly your shoe (or shoes)  gave up on you? Would you continue racing to the finish line or would you give up? Here’s a story of an incredible high schooler who finished 2nd wearing only a shoe up to the finish line.  Let’s meet the pioneer of half barefoot running (I only made that up!).

A Canadian high school runner placed second in his provincial championships on Saturday despite covering almost all of the icy, rocky 6.7-kilometer course half barefoot, theSaanich News reports.

Ben Weir, a top runner at Gleniyon Norfolk School in Victoria, Canada, was steps into the 300-person race when he was clipped from behind and fell. When he got up and resumed running, Weir found that his left shoe was only partially on.

“My heel was out, and I thought I could figure it out as I went. But that wasn’t happening, so I knocked it off,” Weir told the Sannich News.

As if that were impediment enough, the temperature was just above freezing, and the course was full of snow, ice, and rocks.

Isn’t he fantastic?

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Photo copyright by Flickr user robertnelson. 

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