How Can Runners Deal with Arthritis

All people reach a point of waning health and runners are no exception.  I was under the impression that arthritis is caused by wear-and-tear but I found out after reading this letter that there are different types of arthritis.  Also, some remedies were discussed in respond to this letter.

I’m a 36-year-old runner who has recently started having a lot of foot pain on my runs. Started out with plantar fascia problems that just kept getting worse as my mileage increased through the spring and summer. I took 3 weeks off and tried to heal it up. After the tenderness and swelling went away and I could roll up on my toes normally; I went for an easy run. I had a lot of pain in the bones in my foot. It never went away over the next few days. I went to a podiatrist and found out I have arthritis in the area around my metatarsals and cuboid. I’ve been icing after runs and reduced my runs to every other day and backed my pace off a bit, but I’ve been having a lot of pain. Even just walking or twisting my foot can hurt. Do you have any suggestions for relief? I’ve changed my stride some and am trying to heel strike to get my long runs in. With time off, would the inflammation and pain go away? Are my days of half and full marathons coming to an end?



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