How to Deal with Dog Attacks When Running

Dogs are man’s best friends. They can be a runner’s (best) enemy too! Running in the neighborhood exposes runners to threats of a dog attack. I know how terrible it is! I have a friend who had been chased and bitten  by 2 dogs when she had a jog  around the village one early morning.

Runners and dogs

It’s a sad fact that runners get bitten by dogs more often than ‘regular’ pedestrians. Apparently runners unleash their hunting instincts. Jim Fixx advised in his Runner’s book to pretend to pick up a stone to scare dogs off. But I’m not convinced about this method. It seems to me it would be smarter to actually pick up a stone.

Another tip I read somewhere is to pretend you’re a mad person. You have to act all weird, making odd noises and movements. But personally I think this will only stimulate dogs more to bite you.

Then there’s Pet Corrector: a bottle of air, that makes a hissing sound.  And of course I’ve still got my Dazer, which is lying somewhere in my cupboard, but now I’m thinking I should get it out.

10 steps: how to deal with scare dogs

I found this great article How to Handle a Dog Attack: 10 steps. It even has pictures in it.


Read the full article at Mom’s Home Run. 


Photo copyright by Flickr user State Farm. 

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