How to Get Kids Into Running

How to get kids into running

OMG Someone writes in to RunnersWorld concerned that her 11 year old daughter hates running in her PE class at school. Here is the response:

I’d highly encourage you to share in this journey with your daughter. Teach her how to tune into her body, listen to her breath, and modulate her running effort with walking when things get challenging. This will give her the tools to control how she reaches the finish line, and more importantly, it will allow her body time to adapt to the demands of running without hurting.

There’s nothing wrong with the advice from the article. But, I think most kids will be better off if you simplify and not focus on the running. I have a 14 year old daughter now, who joined the high school cross country team this year. She hated PE in middle school. Now, she’s a mid-packer who loves being with her friends at meets and at practice. Middle school PE is not a journey. And, most of the kids in middle school are undergoing dramatic changes, emotionally and physically. Enjoying her PE running is not what she wants. Talk to her about school, friends and enjoying herself while being overburdened with homework.

Here’s the article at runnersworld.

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