How to Keep your Training Motivation Intact After the Holidays

Autumn is approaching and it’s just right to say “Goodbye” to our long summer vacation.  I know that feeling, after having a vacation when you feel so drooping to go back to your routines.  That being said, it’s really alarming for a runner training for an autumn race to be left behind. So here’s some tips on how to catch up with your fallen training routine.

1.Make it sociable. If you tend to run alone, find a running buddy or group to run with. It’s much easier to stick with your plan if you know someone is counting on you to show up. In addition, you’ll find that group camaraderie is contagious and can help renew your enthusiasm for training.

2.Treat yourself to a reward for achieving a very short term goal, like completing all of your scheduled runs next week. It’s a great excuse to get a relaxing massage or buy new running gear.


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