How to Make Treadmill Workouts More Bearable

Winter is coming and with the decreasing temperature outside, runners are forced to do the run inside which can be boring for obvious reasons. We should be thankful to modern technology for making pacing through the treadmill more bearable.  Here’s how:

1. Incline Training

Incline training really is a great feature; with which you can increase the intensity of your workout by a huge margin. Some treadmills are made with incline training as a main feature. These treadmills will usually support an incline grade of -6% to 40%. And remember, having a negative incline is just as important as having a positive incline, you need to know how to run downhill as well.

Using an incline trainer will prepare you for just about every condition, and at the same time giving you a great workout. Try this climbing treadmill workout next time you’re feeling bored at the gym.

2. Built-In Workout Apps

Most treadmills come with built-in apps that are designed with a variety of different workouts. Whether you want to focus on incline training, marathon training, 5k training, these apps work by taking the suggested training method and controlling the machine for you. This technology is beneficial in that you don’t have to keep changing the speed or incline yourself, the machine takes care of that for you.


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