Is ditching your sneakers prevent running injuries?

Barefoot running devotees claim that humans are born to run barefoot as it is a natural way to prevent injuries.  But, experts believe that it is our running style that is responsible for injuries. Which is it? Don’t ask me, I’m just here to point you to some discussion.

Running barefoot encourages the runner to cushion the impact of landing by adjusting their running style to land with their toes down. The shock of landing is transmitted largely to the muscles at the back of the leg. As a result, barefoot and minimally shod running appears to reduce the risk of injury because they generate much lower collision forces.

But don’t throw your running shoes away just yet. Barefoot runners must learn to change the way they run: landing more on the mid-foot or forefoot, rather than on the heel. Then the elastic structures within the foot will do the job they were designed to do. And the Achilles tendon and calf muscles will contract eccentrically to cushion this extra load.

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Photo copyright by Flickr user Rene Van Belzen

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