Is treadmill for jogging not running?

We all know that treadmills are used for weight loss, workouts and overall fitness and it’s use varies from person to person. Apart from all it’s usefulness is it true that treadmills never help a runner to run but to jog on it? And, do pushups and weightlifting serve heart fitness and weight loss purposes better than treadmills? Read on to get to the reasons why you should avoid treadmill.

  You say you like the treadmill? You don’t like the treadmill. Nobody likes the treadmill. It’s a clackity mess. It makes you tired while also removing any sense of panache about the way you’re becoming tired. Real runners don’t even like treadmills. Real runners run outside. They only use treadmills as a last resort, like eating the dead body in the life raft to survive. If you were a real runner, you would have read the headline on this post and immediately agreed with it.

The fact is that most people out there have a limited number of hours per week to dedicate to working out, and in that context, spending that time on the god damn treadmill is a waste of time. “I go to the gym four times a week, two days of cardio and two days of weights,” they say, as I put on a Scream mask in order to better emphasize how angry I am with their life choices. Here’s a thought, genius: instead of doing two real workouts and two fake jogging treadmill quote-workouts-unquote per week, why not do four real workouts and zero fake treadmill workouts per week? That comes out to, let me just do some quick math here… twice as much real workouts in the same amount of time! Just by killing your treadmill.

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