Keys to Successful Vacation Training

Summer is here and  summer equals vacation.  Training while on a vacation getaway seems like daunting but this article proves us wrong. Or at least, it proves the author wrong. You can pass me a cold drink.

To me a holiday is simply not a reason to sit in one spot and never move again. As a very active individual I thoroughly enjoy being able to exercise. So I find being on holidays a fantastic way to remain fit and active and give my body, mentally and physically a chance to repair itself.

Naturally holidays for everyone take a variety of forms from the super extreme sporting holidays to the lesser heart pumping retreats such as your ocean getaways filled with sunbathing and plenty of afternoon naps. However, whatever form your holiday may take there are plenty of options right at your fingertips that will ensure you remain active and don’t lose fitness or form whilst on your break.


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Photo copyright by Lisa Biffin.

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