Land on a Midfoot Strike to Reduce Impact and Injuries

Do you pay utmost attention to your foot strike when running?  While there are  various shoes in the market which aims to provide comfort and support to our tired soles, it is also said that running impact can be reduced by landing on a midfoot strike as proven by the result of a study. This article tells us  why.

Impact loading rate is essentially the speed at which ground impact is applied to the foot and leg at initial ground contact in running (for more in-depth discussion of this, read my “Facts on Foot Strike” article in Running Times), and it is of interest because previous research has suggested that high loading rates may increase the risk of stress fractures. What is interesting about this study is that they looked at the comparative effectiveness of several methods for reducing impact loading rate: 1) adopting a midfoot strike, 2) increasing stride rate by 10%, and 3) wearing racing flat shoes.

The authors took nine habitually heel striking runners and had them run trials on an instrumented treadmill in both typical running shoes at their normal cadence with their normal footstrike, and then compared impact results to those obtained under each of the three conditions mentioned above, or when all three were combined at the same time.

To learn more about adopting the midfoot strike, read the full article at Runblogger. 


Photo copyright by Flickr user hans s.

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