Learning the Fundamentals : Braking and Forms

How do you run?  I mean it, how do you run? Running is very simple but there are factors we have to consider for a successful and effective run.  Braking and posture are the fundamentals every runner should master.

A sport that is so blissfully simple deserves an equally simple mechanical concept. And it really is that simple, but allow me to elaborate further on efficient running:

  1. Leaning forward with a neutral-aligned trunk – head to tailbone – such that the foot lands precisely beneath it.
  2. Flexing and extending the extremities in synergistic neuromuscular movement patterns – where the end result is more powerful and efficient than the sum of its moving parts.

In essence, running is a controlled fall – forward momentum of the trunk propelled along with flexing and extending of the limbs.

But what happens if you quit “falling?”


Learn more about proper braking and correct running forms at  iRunFar. 


Photo copyright by Flickr user fatfeet_running.

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