Lessons Learned from Half Marathons

It is often said that experience is the best teacher. True, indeed.  In our daily life, we learned new lessons and so with every run.  Here are lessons learned from half marathons which Matt  from Angry Jogger happily shares.  Lucky us!

  1. Try not to set a time target in stone if it’s your first race (Larne Half Marathon 2011) – Or at least don’t feel upset with yourself if you don’t hit it. If you’ve never ran the race distance before then it’s difficult to know how it will feel. In my first half marathon in Larne I felt like shit afterwards for having to walk the last 2 miles and not achieving my sub 2:15 race target. 4 months previous to that I couldn’t run 2 miles.
  2. Don’t experiment with race gear on race day (Great Scottish Run 2011) –  I’d only ran wth my Camelbak once before the Great Scottish Run, but never with any fluid in it. Being a bit of a dick, I had no reservations filling it up with 2 fucking litres of Lucozade Sport and having it swash around on my back for 13.1 miles. Fortunately the Camelbak had the decency to leak in a crowded elevator rather than around the course itself. That would have been a complete fucking disaster rather than the minor humiliation it ended up being.
  3. You don’t have to abstain from alcohol to run a good race (Cardiff Half Marathon 2011) – I went into the Cardiff Half Marathon 2011 with 3 months off the booze. I had a bottle of wine with my Nachos the night before the Cardiff Half Marathon and woke up having slept amazingly well and later achieved a personal best. I’d assumed up to this point that alcohol was always detrimental to performance….

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Photo copyright by Flickr user ahisgett.

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