Listen to Faster Music for an Optimized Running Performance

Do you feel sluggish at work?  It’s time to check your playlist and find out why.  A new study done by British researchers suggests that music’s cadence plays a big role in our performance which rings true  especially for runners.

British researchers had cyclists pedal at 65 revolutions per minute (i.e., 130 pedal strokes per minute) while working at 70% of their aerobic max, which in running terms would be between recovery pace and half marathon pace. The cyclists listened to music at three tempi: faster than their pedal rate (137 beats per minute), synced with their pedal rate (130 beats per minute) and slower than their pedal rate (123 beats per minute). Although the cyclists rated their perceived effort the same in the three conditions, their oxygen cost was greater when they pedaled along to music that was slower than they were riding. Their heart rates were also slightly higher when listening to the slowest of the three music speeds.


Read the full article at Runner’s World.


Photo copyright by Flickr user pavelfiorentino.

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