Meal Planning Tips for First Time Runners

Preparation for your running debut, be it marathon or a race,  includes meal planning. We know well enough that every second counts so it’s really important to avoid time wasters.  Having tummy issues on the race day is a big n0-no for two obvious reasons – 1. It can take away one’s concentration. 2. It’s really embarrassing to excuse yourself  from the race to do your business!

I am running my first half-marathon in three days. I am as nervous about the distance as I am about what to eat before my run on Sunday morning.

Should I plan on pasta for lunch and dinner each meal leading up to Sunday? Should I include protein like chicken? Should I carry with me a carb-enriched drink?

Any suggestions for the morning of my race? I’m scared to death of needing a porta-potty during the race and have none provided.



Read the advice to Gordon  at Runner’s World. 


Photo copyright by Flickr user loosepunctuation. 

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