Michael Phelps in NYC Marathon

Hurrah! We will be seeing Michael Phelps in the NYC Marathon.  Wait what, Phelps, the swimmer?!  Yes,  he will be there as a cheerer for his  sister, Whitney who will be competing in the NYC Marathon. What a brotherly love!

Whitney Phelps, a sister of the most decorated Olympian of all time, will compete in the ING New York City Marathon on November 4, it was announced on Monday during a training session at The Sport Center at Chelsea Piers.

“I know Whitney loves running,” said Michael Phelps before running a lap with sisters Whitney and Hilary, Jared “The Subway Guy” Fogle , and Mary Wittenberg, president and CEO of New York Road Runners. “[Whitney] is a great runner and always has been; she’s going to have a great time out there. I’m sure she’s going to run fast.”

As the “Official Training Restaurant of the Phelps Family” and a partner of the ING New York City Marathon, Subway challenged the family to have one of its members go for the gold in the race. Whitney Phelps, 32 and the mother of two children, stepped forward. A competitive swimmer while attending the University of Nevada-Las Vegas, she completed the 2009 Baltimore Marathon in 4:28:32, and is hoping to run a personal best in New York.

Read the full article at New York Road Runners. 

Photo copyright by Flickr user middle-child. 


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