Must Download Apps for Runners

Smartphones are in. Being healthy is in. Gladly, there are a couple of apps that can help us stay healthy in this technological era.  Here are some apps to help us in our goal of living a healthy lifestyle.  So, grab your gadgets now and hit download!


Cell phones can do wonders for your runs – short and long distance. With built in features for motivation or workout changes, you can have a better run with a cell phone on your arm.

  • Tracking: Don’t know a mile from 10 feet? Neither do I – but when you track your runs, you can find mile markers to make your unconnected runs more effective.
  • Motivation: The Nike Running Tracker lets Facebook friends cheer you on – so if you need that little extra, this is the one for you.
  • Music:  Apps like don’t just give you good tunes to run to, but make it more effective as well. Choose playlists based on BPM for more effective strides.


Read the full list at Will Run For Food. 


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