New York City Divided as NYC Marathon Proceeds

Hurricane Sandy’s aftermath caught the organizers of New York City Marathon between a rock and a hard place. Whatever they choose, somebody will surely be upset.  The marathon is said to unify the city but with the current situation, it actually divides the city as emotions go high with organizers decision to continue the race.

The comments by elected officials were echoed by thousands of people on social media. While some support Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg’s notion that the marathon can help get the city back on its feet, many others are disgusted that precious public resources will be used for a sporting event while millions of New Yorkers are without power, heat and food. Several online petitions and message boards have sprung up with thousands of signatures calling for the marathon to be postponed or canceled.

“This will forever tarnish the marathon as a brand and an event,” said Stephen Robert Morse, a 27-year-old from Brooklyn who started “There are still thousands of people downtown and businesses that still lack necessities and it’s insulting to have tourists prioritized over the people of this city.”

The New York State Nurses Association has also asked the mayor to postpone the race.

Bloomberg, aware that the marathon generates hundreds of millions of dollars for the city, has repeatedly said the race will go on. He did not expect the Police Department to be overly burdened because the race is on a Sunday, when street traffic is limited. Many parts of the city, including Lower Manhattan, are expected to have their power back, freeing other workers.


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