Oh No! Barefoot Running Stumbles


Several years in, and the hype and discussion about barefoot, or natural, running, is still going on. I enjoy reading the many articles out there, including this one.

The 2011 L.A. Marathon was going well for Joseph Gabriel. After 26 miles enduring a cold rain and gusty winds, he was still on pace to break four hours—his goal after four months of training. But as he turned onto Ocean Avenue in Santa Monica, with the finish line in sight 300 yards away, he felt a sudden tug above his left ankle.

And then it gets into the good stuff…

The problem? “People took our paper, which was about a very small, limited topic, as telling them how to run,” Lieberman says. “Running is a complex skill that you can’t learn how to do just by taking off your shoes.”

Read the whole article at Men’s Health.

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