Pounding Pavement by Heel or Toe

Heel or Toe forefoot striking

Yay! Another study on running form. What I love about this one is this…

But a noteworthy new study may help to quell the squabbling, by suggesting that each style of running has advantages and drawbacks, and the right way to run almost certainly depends on what kind of runner you already are.

So, I read this as do what works for you. I love this part…

In essence, the findings show that you can’t escape the cumulative impact of running, however you stride, said Juha-Pekka Kulmala, a Ph.D. student, now at the University of Jyvaskyla, who led the study.

That’s fine. This is one of the major reasons that runninghype.com exists: because there is no right way to do things. But, many people try to tell you so. That’s what makes this site fun, because I get to tell you.

Enjoy the article over at the NY Times.

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