Promoting Run Commute : A Practical Option Going to the WorkPlace

Biking to work is really brilliant. Imagine all the benefits biking has to offer. It’s actually more than hitting 2 birds with one stone but rather 3 birds! It’s environment, pocket, and health friendly. See?! But I have a better advice.  For more intense physical activity, you should run to work! Yeah, I’m not crazy.

But how do we do it?

want run commuting to be a movement.  I want it to gain momentum and, drawing from Runner’s World poll question, become a “realistic option” for getting to and from work.  Where do we start?

1. Run commute as often as you can.

When we’re run commuting, we are visible to other commuters out on the streets, whether they are drivers stuck in traffic, cyclists, walkers, or public transit riders.  By being seen regularly (especially while wearing a backpack), people begin to accept the notion that run commuting is realistic.  People can do it.  And that’s key - creating a new thought in another’s mind that says ‘run commuting is possible and people do it.’  Hell, it wasn’t too long ago when marathons were seen as something only elite runners could complete.  Now everyone is knocking them out.


Find out more on how to start run commuting at The Run Commuter.


Photo copyright by Flickr user abtin.eshraghi.


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