Runners Prone to Lower Back Pain

The  back is one of the most neglected parts of our body.  Many runners  have been experiencing lower back pain but tend to ignore it. Due to the repetitive nature of running, it greatly contributes to runners having back pain. Here’s how:

Running is a high-impact repetitive activity and as your feet pound the pavement, your legs absorb the impact and they do their best to transfer this energy to the upper body evenly. Often times the transfer process is not fluid and conditions like lower back pain can develop as the back takes more than its share of energy. Some of the common causes for lower back pain include overuse, unsound body mechanics and muscular imbalances.

When runners change distances and terrain, their pelvic tilt adjusts accordingly and the energy absorption from the impact of their feet distributes differently compared to flat surfaces. I like to call this mechanical back pain because the aches and discomfort are localized to the lower back area and it is most often due to improper body mechanics, overuse, and muscular imbalance.

In most cases, runners experience this because their exercise regimens consist solely of running or sprint training and the muscle groups throughout their lower body are not equal. The protective mechanisms that allow the stronger muscle groups to compensate for the weaker ones become less effective over time because of fatigue. This system of compensation promotes unsound body mechanics and overuse exacerbates the situation.


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