Running Beat-the-Heat Technique in Summer

I’ve seen a lot of runners pour water over themselves while pacing in a marathon. Is it advantageous? A research in California State University led by Colleen Munoz put 10 well trained cross country runners to the test.  It turned out that pouring cold water over oneself doesn’t necessarily boost speed.  Dr. Daniel Judelson, a senior author of the study suggested that pouring cold water over yourself will make exercising on warmer temperature more tolerable. Isn’t that obvious?

But only when cold water was poured over their heads did the volunteers report feeling blessedly cooler than in the other exercise session. They also said that the workout felt noticeably easier, and their skin temperatures were lower than in other sessions.

They did not, however, actually perform better during the five-kilometer time trial, no matter what cooling strategy they employed. Their times were generally equivalent, whether they drank cold water, were doused with it, or neither.


Read the full article at The New York Times.


Photo copyright by Flickr user phildimarino. 



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