Ryan Hall Talks On Getting a Coach

Who doesn’t know Ryan Hall?  He’s  a long distance runner known for his exceptional faith that allowed him to run  great distances even with injuries.  Well, he has a good coach beside him all the time – Jesus Christ.  For the past 2 years, he’s been relying with his faith-based training, having conversation with God.  The good news is he’s considering of getting a ‘physical’ coach recently.

“I’ve said since I started the faith-based coaching thing, I’ve been open to working with a coach,” Hall says. “This wasn’t something I was married to for the rest of my career or anything like that.

“I’ve been digging a lot, researching a lot of different coaches and their philosophy and training plans of other elite runners, just learning a ton. I’m always learning. I’ve considered possibly working with another coach or having one as a closer advisor than I’ve had in the past.”

For now, coach Hall has banned alternative training for runner Hall, even though the inactivity threatens to drive him stir crazy. “That’s the shame – I can’t do any cross-training,” says Hall, who found even a light swim too taxing on his leg. “There’s nothing I can think of besides like an arm bike or some arm exercises I could use to stay fit and not use that quad. The quad is involved in almost everything.”

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 Photo copyright by Flickr user  jaclyneliza.

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