The Importance of a Post-Run Cool Down Routine

Most runners tend to forget the importance of cooling down. Warming up and cooling down routines are really important to avoid injuries. Next time you feel exhausted to do a post run cool down, don’t be and start incorporating it into your  training routine!

Cooling down is not just a technique that professional athletes use, it’s necessary for every person engaging in any sort of workout. And every part of your body benefits from it. suggests that some of these benefits include:

  • Heart: Your heart rate returns to normal as well as your breathing.
  • Muscles: Reduces muscle spasms, stiffness and cramping.

Cooling Down Techniques

In the cool down, your goal is to slow your heart rate back to normal at a slow and steady rate. Keep these integral cool down techniques in mind and aim for this to last about 5 minutes.

  • Slow down your workout, but don’t stop. If you’re running, slow your pace to a jog. If you’re lifting, continue with less strenuous, milder exercises.
  • Slow down a little more every 2 minutes, keeping it gradual.
  • Slowly move into stretching as your heart rate slows down.


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Photo copyright by Flickr user lululemon athletica. 

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