The Long Term Effects of Running

Runners have different purposes and goals set in mind. Whatever their reasons are, one thing is for sure — running surely affects their life, most likely in a positive way.  So, how can running dramatically change your life? Here’s the list:

It’s easy to overlook the subtle ways that running can transform your life. These 10 hidden benefits to running are much more important to me than ‘feeling the burn’, ‘torching the kcals’ or other such ‘gym-speak’.

  1. You stop caring what insignificant people think about you – Running has gave me the strength to dismiss those who think ill of me, especially in the street. I get called all sorts of names and I just don’t care anymore. When I’m outside running, I’m thinking about getting ready for a race. Other people don’t matter, especially if they are being nasty without reason. I get overly frivolous about the abuse at times and blow kisses in their direction.  I know this is asking for trouble. One day I’ll do it without looking and end up being bum-raped by a Lithuanian drag-king in heels.
  2. You learn that self doubt is only a temporary mental barrier – I’ve doubted my ability to finish all 11 of the races I’ve entered so far, but I managed to get through each of them just by trying to take my mind off the discomfort. When self-doubt hits, it’s paralysing. Once you realise it’s only a mental construct, then you know that you can defeat it. The first time it hits you though, it’s the loneliest feeling in the world. Finishing seems an impossibility.

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