The Rise of Stroller Running

Pregnancy introduces excess pounds to moms which do not easily go away. Taking care of the kids often leaves no time for moms to workout. To those moms who don’t have time for a routinely schedule to the gym, stroller jogging is for you! I’ve seen moms doing it and it actually looks awesome.

About a year ago I bought a jogging stroller. I had high hopes for Monday/Wednesday/Friday morning runs, pushing my little guy in the stroller while my preschooler was off preschooling.

Didn’t happen. For starters, the second (third?) time I used it, I injured my knee/hamstring while running downhill. So I didn’t want to attempt any hills while pushing the stroller (and my neighborhood happens to be all hills). And then I got serious about marathon training and I felt that my stroller runs weren’t serious enough so I shelved them.

And then it was summer and my preschooler was done preschooling and with two kids at home, the jogging stroller did me no good. With the exception of a week when the preschooler went to camp, running when the kids were with me meant running on the treadmill. No big deal.

For tips on how to start stroller running, read the full article at The Happy Runner. 


Photo copyright by Flickr user Serge Melki.

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