Tips on Finding the Perfect Running Shoes

Do you always have a hard time finding the “perfect” shoes? If  you always find yourself having bought several pairs and yet still feel uncomfortable, chances are you are also looking for the magic something that would make you say “I found the right one! “.  How do we decide if a pair of shoe is  a perfect match? Here are some guidelines:

1. It causes no pain. No abrasion, no hot spots, no unusual aches in my legs or feet. No pain is good. Note: sometimes pain may be present as your body adapts to a given shoe, and it starts to feel better after a few runs, so this may not always be a perfect indicator on your first run in a shoe.

2. It disappears on my feet. If I weren’t concentrating on how it feels, the shoe would go completely unnoticed. It doesn’t make me think about my form, it doesn’t force my feet to move in ways that they don’t want to, and it doesn’t get in the way while I run. When I run in a shoe that’s a good match, I feel strong and as if my body is in complete control. A good shoe works with my body, not against it.


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Photo copyright by Flickr user  Josiah Mackenzie.

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