Tips on Running Your Fastest Marathon

Gone are the days when marathons are for professional athletes only. The community has been exposed to marathons as an affair everybody can participate in. It can be really addicting especially if you wanted to know your limit, or your best running time which drives runners to join again.  So, what can you do to run your fastest at a marathon? Here are some tips and surprisingly, they have nothing to do with training!

A marathon attempt is daunting: at 26.2 miles, it challenges your body in ways that shorter races can’t even touch.

Fueling becomes critical to – you can’t store enough in your body to carry you the entire distance.

Muscle damage is inflicted from over 40,000 high-impact steps on paved roads.

Pacing is vital. You can’t recover from going out way too fast (the marathon will humble you!).

Any runner who’s completed a marathon will agree that the physicality of the race is its biggest challenge – and probably its most addictive feature that keeps people coming back for more. But running your fastest marathon and squeezing out every second of improvement is about a lot more than just good training.

If you have a big marathon goal – like maybe qualifying for Boston – every aspect of your race should be carefully planned. Today, I want to show you five ways that you can run a faster marathon that have nothing to do with training.


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