Tips to Avoid Injury for Half Marathon Training

Usually, half marathons are underrated. I mean, I usually read tips on how to train for marathons but rarely about half marathons. Seriously.  Even though you’re supposed to run for only a half marathon, necessary precautions should also be followed 100 % to avoid injuries. Here are rules of thumb  to follow when preparing for a half marathon to reduce chances of getting injured.

Don’t be too enthusiastic

This is common with new runners. Starting to train for a first half marathon can be very exciting. When new runners start to feel the improvements in their performance from one run to the next, and begin to see significant improvements when they look in the mirror, it is really easy to get carried away with enthusiasm and train too hard. Unfortunately that can often lead to a highly demotivating injury, which always occurs at the most inconvenient time.

Listen to Your Body When Training

The first important thing for all runners to do is to listen to their body. Often nagging aches and pains are a warning that we’re pushing too hard. Most injuries give a warning before becoming serious. That is the time to stop, have a few days off running, then start back very gently, being wary of any further warnings. It may be frustrating to have a few days without running, but that is much better than having an enforced month off. And even while you are off running you can still do some cross training or other exercises so the time is never wasted.


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