Top 10 “Runner-Friendly” Sweets

Having a sweet tooth and being a runner do not really go well together. More often than not, runners are very disciplined in sticking to a strict training regimen including a diet mostly composed of foods labeled as  low fat, protein rich, non-sugar, name it! Good thing, those days of depriving yourself when you crave for a bar of a sweet goodie is over! This list I found presents the Top 10 Best Recovery   Bars for Runners.

Best Homemade Taste
Kate’s Stash Bar
This cake of seeds and grains tastes like something that came out of a real kitchen—not a factory. Organic chocolate and peanut butter lend rich flavor, while 5 grams of fiber help curb postrun hunger pangs.

Best Granola Bar
Kashi Honey Almond Flax Chewy Granola Bar
Some granola bars are nothing but candy bars in disguise. But Kashi’s bars actually deliver muscle-mending fuel, thanks to seven whole grains (including oats, wheat berries, and barley), almonds, and flax seeds, which provide 7 grams of protein and 260 milligrams of omega-3 to reduce postrun inflammation and fight free radical damage.

Best Vegan
Vega Sport Chocolate Coconut Protein Bar
Sometimes scrupulously sourced ingredients result in a bar that tastes “healthy” rather than good—but Vega Sport’s Chocolate Coconut flavor combines 100 percent plant-based ingredients (such as sprouted brown rice, pea protein and pumpkin seed butter) into a bar that’s surprisingly delicious. Chocolate liquor and cocoa butter boost the “yum” factor, while dates, sorghum, and quinoa refuel muscles with 15 grams of complete protein and .4 grams of inflammation-quenching omega-3.


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