Top Canine Breeds Suitable for Running

It is said that a dog is a man’s best friend. Not only that, a canine can also be the best running buddy! If you are looking for a jogging companion or a long distance running partner, there’s a breed that can catch up with you or even run faster!

 There’s no perfect running breed for all conditions, and a dog’s personality and temperament are as important as its pedigree, says Susan Dicks, D.V.M., an Albuquerque-based veterinarian and marathoner. Mongrels can make fine runners, espeically if they’re medium-sized, alert, and eager.

Some breeds, such as huskies and greyhounds, were bred to run, and most working dogs are naturally suited to running. By contrast, squishy-nosed dogs, such as pugs and bulldogs, don’t make good distance athletes, because they’re prone to overheating. That’s not to say your pug can’t run, but he probably shouldn’t join you for a late-summer 15-miler. If you want to go long, run in the snow, or hit technical trails, some breeds definitely rise to the top. So say Liz Devitt and professional dog trainer JT Clough, who cowrote a book about training dogs to run.


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