Train with a Partner to Increase Motivation

I know, routines are daunting. Even disciplined athletes are hunted by this dilemma. When I was in high school, we were always asked to work in pairs. Oftentimes, we have the freedom to choose our own partner. I supposed our teacher wants us to be more disciplined this way – as our performance can affect our partner’s performance.  So, the result is we were obliged to cooperate with our partners and exert our best effort. Working out can be done in the same way! Train with a partner and you’ll get better results!

Life can get really busy, but, because of how essential a workout is, it should definitely be a priority. Workout out with a friend is a great way to give your body some love as well as catch up with your friend when time doesn’t always permit both. Perhaps you really like to run, but your friend likes to hike or bike. What a great way to explore new activities and challenge yourself in a new way. This is good for the body and the mind, don’t want to get bored of a workout program.

Pick out two songs each that are roughly 4-6 minutes in length. Choose these songs wisely and make them highly motivational in order to complete these exercises. Use an interval timer to make the timing easier and feel free to wear your heart rate monitor to monitor how many calories you are torching away.

Song1 Steve Aoki/Wynter Gordon- Ladi Dadi: 30 seconds jumping jacks, 30 seconds hops squats, 30 second plank, rest 30 seconds

Song2 Pretty Lights- Kanye West All Of The Lights Remix: 30 seconds mountain climbers, 30 seconds push-ups, 30 seconds high knees, rest 30 seconds

Song3 B.o.B. ft. Lil Wayne- Strange Clouds : 20 jump lunges (each leg), 20 burpees, rest 15 seconds

Song4 Usher- Lemme See (feat. Rick Ross): 20 seconds of bicycle crunches, 10 seconds rest (aka Tabata interval)


Find out exercises you can do with partner at Runtastic. 


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