Treadmills for Dogs to Keep Them Fit

Who says treadmills are only for humans? As much as we need exercise, our pooch should be doing the same.  However, if you have limited time for everything, you can always count on this mini treadmill for dogs!

David Ezra, CEO of DogPACER, said he got the idea for the canine cardio machine after observing clients at his fitness centres.

“I thought, “Why not a treadmill for dogs?”" he said.

Hundreds of canine treadmills – which sell for $500 and come in regular and mini sizes – have been sold since they hit the market seven months ago.

“We’ve run over 1,000 dogs at this point,” said Ezra, adding that 60 to 70 percent of the treadmills go to dog owners, including seniors whose health problems prevent them from exercising their animals.

Others are purchased by grooming salons, veterinarians, police and government agencies, and animal rehabilitation centres.

“Grooming facilities will throw the dog on (a treadmill) to de-stress them before grooming,” he said, adding that dogs must be supervised and will initially be taken aback by the equipment.

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Photo copyright by Flickr user AMagill. 

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