Usain Bolt’s Running Shoes Auctioned for Charity Cause

Would you bid for  a £50,000 running shoes? What if I told you that the owner of these shoes is none other than the fastest man on Earth – Usain Bolt ? Apparently, I found out that these shoes possess lucky charms too!

As well as winning the shoes Miss Coyne has just won a battle to save the Boy and Barrel from being sold off by its owners Punch Taverns.

She appealed in the Telegraph & Argus for 150,000 people to pledge £1 so she could buy the Boy & Barrel, in Westgate, to preserve it for future generations.

She said: “The campaign to save it worked, we got loads of support from locals and the £850 we raised to try and buy if off them went towards getting the paint job done outside.

“I’m on a winning streak. I can’t wait to buy a ticket for Friday’s big lottery!”

Read the full article at Telegraph and Argus. 


Photo copyright by Jamaipanese.

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